Destructive Customs LLC is the Authorized AKA service center for all work and upgrades.

If you need service please fill out the service form, print a copy and enclose it in the box, then ship it to the address below.


Desrtuctive Customs LLC

40 Nutting Ave

Florence, MA 01062



Viking tune up $25 plus parts.

Excalibur Tune $30 plus parts.

Evil M tune $25 plus parts.

Repairs $25 per hour.

Board install and setup $20.

Trigger install and setup $10.

Other Marker work $25 per hour.

Disassembly, rebuild marker after ano $40.

I do not do my own ano I do have an anodizer I trust. They can do single color, multi color fades, splash, acid wash, reverse with splash ect gloss or dust in type II and Type III hard ano.

Most milling prices are under milling. Any questions drop us an email.